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Lead Change with Culture and Positive Leadership eBook

Lead Change with Culture and Positive Leadership E-Book

Discover how to develop Positive Organizations where people and performance thrive...! Free video included.

Michael Wolf

In getting myself educated on the complex topic of Culture, one of the first books I read was “Organizational Culture Change” by Marcella Bremer. It was and still is one of the BEST pieces on this topic. Now she has just released a new eBook called “How to Lead Positive Change with Culture and Positive Leadership”.

During my 40 year “corporate career”, I experienced eight different corporate cultures, ranging from toxic to negative to empowering. I wish I had read Marcella’s book about 35 years ago – unfortunately about 30 years before she wrote it.

So, if you are an Executive (especially the C Suite) who is “not OK" with the way things are around here in your organization, invest the $7 and do something about it!

Michael Wolf
Principal Consultant CulturLogix

Do not start without watching the bonus video about the development stages of organizational cultures...

Seriously… don't do it.

Why risk more time and money, and moreover, motivation and expectations of all leaders and employees by designing change plans before checking the culture? It's effective to test the currents and water temperature before crossing those waters of change.

This eBook gives an insightful overview before you start and is an easy read with clear cases, anecdotes, and examples…

…The journaling questions help you reflect and gain new insights.

And price shouldn't be an issue because you can download the complete eBook "How to Lead Positive Change with Culture and Positive Leadership" for just $7 (VAT will be included if applicable).

Yes, Just $7

Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or:

You can become a life-saver at your company (or your client's) by being the one who knows how to facilitate the necessary change by working with culture - but also applying positive leadership that engages the others, too.

You'll save countless time, money, and headaches by making an informed decision before starting a change project or a new goal or strategy.

The choice is yours.

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... so you can avoid the 17 reasons of failure, and stop pushing while you engage the others to be the change you want to see on the team...

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