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About us

OCAI online provides the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (with the kind permission of © Kim Cameron) online. You can access this useful tool here to check and change your culture.

Culture influences organizational performance, innovation, agility, engagement, and competitiveness. Research shows that a toxic culture decreases productivity with 40%, while an effective culture increases productivity with 20%, and a positive culture even with 30-40%

You can read more about the OCAI.

Our Services

Our services include the online OCAI survey with do-it-yourself Work Kits, video training, books, workshops and consulting. Our partner consultants offer onsite facilitation in many locations. Take a look at the OCAI Products section to learn more.

The OCAI can be done in English, Dutch, German, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Croatian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, South-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean when you use an OCAI Pro or OCAI Enterprise account. We also operate a Dutch OCAI site.
Our partners can facilitate change in your time zone and language. Check our Consultants Page.

We comply with the strict European privacy laws GDPR. Please see our General Terms & Conditions, and our Privacy Policy. When you work with us, our General Terms serve as the contract and include the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Our clients: leaders, associates, consultants, students

Over 100,000 respondents from numerous organizations have worked with OCAI online: using the free or paid OCAI surveys, the work kits, the video training, the book and/or our consultancy.

Our clients are leaders or associates of an organization, consultants working with clients, and students. The organizations are located all over the world and vary in size from small startups to super large global corporations and every size in-between. Almost all industry sectors are covered which makes our database interesting for research.

Contact us to receive our OCAI References document.

"A huge thank you to OCAI online for managing and delivering our culture reports against the odds! Your support and insight were extremely valuable." - Johan de Goede, consultant, The Human Route

"The usefulness of the OCAI and the ease with which our clients can understand the data makes this a perfect instrument to use. The vendor is super-responsive. I love using this instrument and appreciate all the care we are given."
Judith Schechtman, Senior Consultant, Triangle Associates

"I want to pass on my personal thanks for your speedy and highly professional analysis of my surveys."
Dr. Brian Armstrong, CoDirector of Unscheduled & Acute Care, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

"My time is valuable, the OCAI frees-up the time it takes to administer and tabulate the individual surveys. I appreciate the quick set-up of the online assessment. Participants get immediate feedback on their own survey and this increases curiosity. The information OCAI provides will help these leaders make informed decisions."
Rodney Slaughter, MSOD, Organizational Consultant

Marcel & Marcella & team

Marcella BremerOCAI online is founded by Marcel Lamers MSc. and Marcella Bremer MScBA. We're consultants based in Europe and working worldwide. With the local OCAI-team and our partner consultants all over the world, we help you develop your workplace culture.Marcel Lamers

Before OCAI online, we founded "Kikker Groep" as a local consultancy for organizational development, culture, and change. When we researched the culture of the Dutch health care sector in 2008, the OCAI became the basis of our OD work. Since then, we've also added the Positive Culture Academy (online learning) and Leadership & Change Magazine (blog).

Our purpose is to help people and organizations develop (more) positive cultures so that both people and performance thrive. Everyone benefits! We have seen too many people who suffer or survive at work, spending time and energy on disengaging, hiding, or obstructing. In such a scenario, everyone loses.

What if you worked in a positive workplace? You and your team would engage (more), innovate, contribute, and give it your best! The world would look different if we all did. Positive organizations are agile, more innovative, competitive, collaborative and productive.

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Marcel Lamers
Marcella Bremer

Praise for our OCAI sector research
"I can certainly endorse your work as being vitally important, enlightening, and seemingly very helpful in stimulating needed change in the Dutch health care sector. You are certainly to be congratulated on your work, your insights, and for asking the right questions in the first place. This study should be taken seriously as an important source of information for guiding change."
Kim Cameron, William Russell Professor of Management & Organizations, Ross School of Business and Professor of Higher Education, School of Education, University of Michigan

Marcella is a regular blogger on positive leadership, culture, and change. She also published two books:

Organizational Culture Change, by Marcella Bremer
Unleash your organization’s potential in circles of 10. The practical How-To book stuffed with real cases!

Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive, by Marcella Bremer
This practical and well-researched book focuses on how to develop a positive culture with Interaction Interventions or Change Circles.

Praise for The Positive Culture Book