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OCAI Consulting

With the online OCAI and the materials on this website, you can do it yourself. You start the OCAI culture assessment and lead the culture change process. You can consult the book "Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization's Potential in Circles of 10", enroll in our OCAI Video Training, our Culture Change Leadership Workshop or the Positive Culture Academy.

However, if you prefer working with an external consultant, here's our selection. We partner with consultants all over the world who can guide your culture change process - in your language and time zone, in your location. 
They were trained and certified in our 2.5-day Culture Change Leadership Workshop. (This workshop is also open for internal leaders, HR professionals, change managers).

You could also work with Marcella Bremer from OCAI online, either in your location or online, depending on her availability.

Onsite consulting in your location

We're happy to discuss your needs and wishes for onsite consulting. Please note that we are based in Europe and travel and lodging costs apply. Marcella can facilitate your OCAI Culture workshops, based on your OCAI assessment. If you want to know the options and pricing, please email us.

Online consulting via video calls

If you'd like to discuss your culture change process or your OCAI report: we offer online consulting via a Zoom video call. If you want to know the options and pricing, please email us.

Contact us

If you're interested in working with us, please send your request through the contact form on this website. We look forward to working with you!