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The Positive Culture Academy

The Positive Culture Academy (PCA) helps organizations develop a (more) positive culture so that both people and performance can thrive.

Positive organizations are agile, more innovative, competitive, collaborative, and productive - as research and practice show.

What could you achieve in a positive culture? How to give your team wings with positive leadership? How could you develop successful organizational change?

The PCA offers online training, coaching and consulting in addition to your OCAI culture assessment! Based on her book “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive,” culture consultant Marcella Bremer helps with your culture change process.

Global Training Organizational Culture

E-learning plus onsite culture change

Culture change requires collective learning. A critical mass of organization members must change how they think, what they value, and how they interact and act - or nothing will change in daily reality. Culture change does not happen on paper!

That's why the online Culture Academy is effective. Based on easy-to-do positive "interaction interventions," leaders and team members alike learn how to develop a culture that's positive and productive.

Each module explains more about culture and positive (self-)leadership, offers tools, and invites people to customize and apply them on the job. People are enticed to take ownership and action, and to change "the way we do things around here." It's great for both successful change and engagement. As research shows, when someone learns from, interacts with, and has an impact on the real world in real-time, higher retention of new learning occurs.

Check out the curriculum and see how the Positive Culture Academy for teams can leverage your organizational culture change process.

Positive Culture Academy

Offering this academy in-company helps to stimulate:

* Connection and collaboration between the participants
* Accelerated learning and peer support
* Customization of the tools and practices that fit your organization
* Engagement to contribute to the organization
* A pragmatic, positive culture plan that is actionable

The Academy covers the topics:

Positive culture, culture diagnosis, and change, organizational change, positive leadership, interaction interventions, meeting interventions, change circles, personal development for influencers, and leadership practices.

The curriculum entails 22 lectures (streaming online video), downloadable checklists dialogue in a private group, partner work, and conference calls.
Organized in 14 modules (14 weeks) but you decide the pace of learning.

You can see the Curriculum here or download the brochure from the right sidebar. 

Positive Leadership Track

If you'd like to go faster, consider the Positive Leadership Track for leaders. This is a shorter track through the videos (but you are free to watch them all) with five themes and five private coaching/consulting calls. You could also add an onsite Workshop to practice the skills taught in the PCA.

To receive a personal certificate, submitting a Positive Culture Plan is required. This program is valid for 24 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

After engaging in the program:

  • Your team or organization can develop a more positive, productive culture
  • The team’s performance could tend toward positive deviance
  • Agility and change-readiness tend to go up
  • Innovation, learning, and creativity might increase
  • Collaboration and support may improve
  • Engagement and ownership might surprise you
  • People tend to have more fun, be faster and develop their potential

Check out the Positive Culture Academy In-company and add it to your culture change process.