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Culture Change Leadership Workshop In-Company

Culture Change Leadership In-company: The workshop to lead change and develop culture.

If you need to change or develop your organization while the culture sticks to "the way we do things around here," then here’s the business case: If you don’t work with culture, it might work against you.

Develop an effective organizational culture to make your organization more engaged, innovative, competitive, agile, collaborative, efficient, and productive.

Based on our certification workshop with open enrollment, here's the in-company Culture, Change, and Leadership intensive workshop. We customize the workshop to fit your needs and offer it as part of your leadership development or in-company academy.

The in-company workshop takes two days. We look at how to diagnose your organization's culture with the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), developed by University of Michigan professors, Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn. Next, we'll see how to change the culture with Change Circles or Interaction Interventions based on Positive Leadership.

Many organizational programs fail because they ignore current culture or because they try to change the culture in a top-down way. Let's try a better approach to organizational change and development. In this workshop, you'll learn to include and engage others with positive leadership, and work with culture so that people might create successful change and development.

Marcella Bremer leads this workshop, based on her books “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10" and "Develop a Positive Culture where People and Performance thrive."

In-company workshop for who?

This workshop is for leaders and professionals of all levels. You could offer it as part of your leadership development or in-company academy.

Theory and topics

The lectures cover the basic theory to ensure a shared understanding of culture, change, and positive leadership. In addition, you'll receive checklists and handouts during the workshop. It's not necessary to read Marcella's books in advance.

Organizational Culture:

  • What is culture?
  • What is a positive culture?
  • Culture Diagnosis with the OCAI
  • Culture types in the Competing Values Framework
  • Effective and ineffective sides of culture

Positive Leadership:

  • What is positive leadership?
  • Social safety and dialogue
  • Interaction Interventions

Organizational Change:

  • Paradigms of organizational change
  • Guiding change with CVF and Change Circles
  • Meetings and Interventions
  • Culture, Leadership, and Change

In the lectures, we look at what culture is, and what exactly makes up a positive culture. We'll explore the Competing Values Framework, the OCAI, and its four culture types. We make culture operational by not only looking at values but also at beliefs and especially; behaviors. There are effective and ineffective expressions of the four culture types.

We'll take a quick look at Positive Leadership (based on Positive Organizational Scholarship). We explore two paradigms of organizational change, resulting in different change approaches. We could use organization-wide Change Circles or quick and personal Interaction Interventions (and influence other "positive energizers" in the organization).

Change Circles are small and foster dialogue and safety (as opposed to debate or disengagement). People work on personal change as well as organizational/team culture and change. They work on culture from values to daily behaviors, agree on what to change, and how to do so. In addition to behavioral change, adjustments in structure, processes, or strategy might be developed for each team.

Interaction Interventions can be a fast start to develop a (more) positive culture by actively asking, listening, sharing, and responding. Meetings are hot-spots of culture, so changing some meeting practices could help to enhance the four elements of a positive culture.


In-company Extras

This 2-day in-company workshop works best if you combine it with the online Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument so that we can work with your organization's culture.

Another add-on is the online Positive Culture Academy for your leaders and professionals. The online curriculum goes even further into the contents of positive leadership skills and how to develop a positive, productive culture. Let's discuss this when we customize the workshop for your organization.

How did clients like this in-company workshop?

"The Culture Change Leadership Training which was organized by OCAI was very valuable to understand Organisation Culture and relates to various business and stakeholders needs, the framework really helps to comprehend the current culture and also figure out the necessary culture for the organisation to implement its strategies and steps for transformational changes. I found the overall pedagogy very user friendly with a modular approach followed by discussions and conversations. The Video series were very helpful, and the reading material explains the concepts in a simple manner. I personally liked the video series on "Positive Culture Academy" which has been thoroughly researched and covers wide aspects of culture change at Individual, Functional and Organisational level." Deepak Deshpande, Tata Business Excellence Group (A division of Tata Sons Private Limited) Mumbai, India

"Thank you Marcella and the team at Positive culture Academy to facilitate a customized workshop on organizational culture for Tata Business Excellence Group and ecosystem. The structure of the program was well-planned to enable effective learning through a virtual platform which included modular sessions, Pre session well created videos and breakout sessions. My biggest learning from Marcella’s session was how the Competing Value Framework (CVF) helps us to visualize what employees value and emphasize, when they own their responsibilities, irrespective of the kind of Organization, function, team they are part of. The framework helps immensely to understand your current state and where you’d like to be as individuals to bring that required transformation. We are highly obliged to Marcella for her time and effort in making the session interesting and experiential." Sayantan Roy, Tata Business Excellence Group (A division of Tata Sons Private Limited) Mumbai, India

Learning Outcomes
This in-company workshop helps your leaders and professionals to lead change and develop the culture. They:

  • learn (more) about organizational culture, what positive cultures entail, and how interactions matter to the culture
  • learn to work with the validated Competing Values Framework and the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument
  • start with organizational change, based on the OCAI culture profile
  • learn to guide Change Circles and engage people with Positive Leadership and interaction interventions
  • connect with other leaders and professionals in your organization and learn from each other
  • develop their team's case by collaborating with the others
  • practice Positive Leadership skills and become better leaders

Who is Marcella Bremer?
Marcella is an author, and culture & change consultant. She has an MScBA degree from the Rotterdam School of Management and is awarded as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus on Organizational Culture. She published two books about Culture, Change & Positive Leadership.

With Marcel Lamers, she founded the online Positive Culture Academy, and OCAI online that offers Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) to organizations all over the world. Marcella's blog is Leadership & Change Magazine.

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This in-company workshop to lead change and develop culture is what almost all organizations need to prepare for the future. Let's talk! We're happy to schedule a call and discuss the options. Please contact us to get started.