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OCAI Enterprise

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI, © Kim Cameron) leads to a valuable, valid and visual profile for current and preferred organizational culture, based on the renowned Competing Values Framework. The online OCAI takes about 15 minutes and is a fast way to check the culture and to change and develop what's needed.

Enterprise Account for organizations with multiple culture profiles:

  • Get one collective profile of current and preferred culture of all respondents.
  • Order additional profiles to compare departments, locations, levels, or other criteria of your choice.
  • With separate profiles for the six culture aspects.
  • Explained in a results report.
  • Download the Do-it-yourself OCAI Work Kits to prepare and lead the culture change process.
  • Include everyone as prices depend on the number of profiles ordered, not respondents
  • Price from $1691 or € 1351 (based on 1 collective profile plus 2 sub-profiles)
  • Available in 19 languages.

Make sure you have read the Enterprise manual before proceeding.

The culture profile shows what your current culture is like - and where people want to go. Is there a big gap between current and preferred culture? Is your culture congruent? The culture profile supports a focused dialogue and builds awareness of values, daily behaviors, and necessary changes. Take a look at the OCAI Culture Workshop to see how you could work with your OCAI culture profile.

Why would you invest in organizational culture? Culture influences organizational performance, innovation, agility, engagement, and competitiveness. Research shows that
a toxic culture decreases productivity with 40%, while an effective culture increases productivity with 20%, and a positive culture even with 30-40%

Read more About the theory and the tool OCAI in this section or download the OCAI Theory & Tool leaflet.

The OCAI is your first step to engage people in developing an effective, positive and productive culture. Is that going to cost a fortune? Not anymore. Here's the 15-minute, validated online OCAI tool. Do-it-yourself with the accompanying OCAI Work Kits that will help you work with the OCAI. Alternatively, hire your favorite consultant or hire us to guide your process. The choice is yours!

OCAI Enterprise facts

Please download the OCAI Enterprise product sheet from the section Downloads > Documents. OCAI Enterprise gives you a collective profile, plus sub-profiles according to the criteria of your choice: departments, levels, locations, functions, tenure? If you need just one profile for your population, you can use the Pro assessment. If your organization counts 50 associates or less, OCAI Pro could be a better option.

The OCAI is available in 19 different languages: English, Dutch, German, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Croatian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, South-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. Please note that the results report is always in English.

Best suited for:
Leaders and associates of medium-sized to very large organizations
Consultants that guide culture change with client organizations

Note for students: consider using multiple OCAI Pro assessments for thesis and research projects, instead of the OCAI Enterprise assessment.

Online OCAI Enterprise Assessment: how does it work?

  • Create an administrator account
  • Set up the OCAI Enterprise assessment (see the OCAI Enterprise Manual) with a specific name and company logo
  • Select the languages you need
  • Pay online to activate your designated OCAI assessment link
  • Invite your respondents by sending them the assessment link with their language by email
  • Track completion numbers on your admin dashboard (Note: numbers, no names. Admin only)
  • Respondents automatically receive their individual culture profile upon completion
  • Data is safe and privacy guaranteed (GDPR compliance, also see our Privacy Policy below)
  • Send us an email with your estimated closure date
  • Close the assessment after 2-4 weeks. (Recommended time frame - or close when you have enough respondents). You cannot reopen: Enterprise offers one-time use for one organization.
  • Download the OCAI Work Kits to prepare the culture change process (Admin only)
  • We'll create your PDF results report with anonymized, collective profiles in English and deliver within five business days.
  • Receive the culture profiles as separate images to paste into your own reports and presentations
  • Next, organize workshops with our Do-it-yourself presentations
  • Or: Order additional onsite consulting, online debriefing, video training, books and/or the Positive Culture Academy if you like

The OCAI results report contains:

  • The collective profile with current and preferred culture and an explanation
  • An analysis of the discrepancy between current and preferred culture
  • The culture profile, broken down into the six key aspects of culture:
  • Dominant characteristics
  • Organizational leadership
  • Management of employees
  • Organization glue
  • Strategic emphases
  • Criteria of success
  • An indication of congruence: Are these six aspects aligned or not? Incongruence can cause confusion or conflicts and may cost you time, money, and energy.

With the OCAI Enterprise report, you will also receive:

The OCAI Preparation Kit:
A practical guide to start and prepare the culture assessment and organize the culture change process, including a sample invite text for participants

The OCAI Workshop Kit:
A practical guide for a one- or two-day OCAI workshop in your organization. This workshop helps your organization or team to change.
A ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation that helps to elaborate on culture and the necessary changes in the OCAI Culture Workshop.

Price Table OCAI Enterprise

The cost of OCAI Enterprise depends on the number of sub-profiles ordered, not on the number of participants. Prices are in US dollars or Euros, depending on your location.

If you need an official quote, please contact us. We accept payments with Amex, MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal. OCAI Enterprise is paid in advance.

OCAI Enterprise starts at 597 USD for the organization's collective profile and the price for sub-profiles will be added.
For instance: one organization culture profile and two sub-profiles for Department A and Department B.

The price is 597 USD plus 2 times 547 USD for the sub-profiles = 1691 USD

"Department" is one criteria, but in this example there are two options, hence 2 sub-profiles. When you ask participants to select their department and there are 7 departments, then you order 7 sub-profiles. Preferably, you have 20 or more potential participants per sub-profile. The more sub-profiles you order, the less you pay per piece.


# of sub profiles ordered Price USD Price EUR
2-5 547 427
6-10 497 397
11-20 447 347
21-40 397 297
41-70 347 247


You can also use the sub-profile bot at the bottom right to get the right price or contact us.Please contact us if you need more than 20 sub-profiles, or if your sub-groups are rather small.

For Leaders and Consultants:
OCAI Enterprise saves time. You can work with your clients while OCAI Online hosts the online assessment and calculates the profiles. Work with the extensive report and benefit from our ready-to-use presentation slide! Please take a look at our books, video training, and Positive Culture Academy to learn more.

Click the button below to start the setup of your OCAI Enterprise Assessment. Make sure you have read the OCAI Enterprise manual before you click Go OCAI Enterprise.