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OCAI One: discover your culture in 15 minutes

Is your culture entrepreneurial, process-oriented, results-driven or focused on people?

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI, © Kim Cameron) is a validated tool for assessing organizational culture, developed by Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan.

Your individual OCAI One profile with current and preferred organizational culture provides an overview and shows your desire for change. The OCAI helps to check and change organizational culture.

Take 15 minutes and score the validated OCAI culture survey:

  • Create a user account
  • Complete the validated OCAI One
  • See your personal culture profile with a short explanation
  • Get offers for a few extras, like your personal report
  • You'll be added to the OCAI mailing list for updates

Best suited for:

  • Students to learn more
  • Consultants and leaders to try before you buy

Leaders and other organization members:

Please email us so we can send you a company trial link without mailing list subscription to give the OCAI a go before you buy an OCAI Pro or Enterprise assessment.

You are most welcome! We have a few rules:

  • You are a real person and submit personal scores.
  • If you input averaged scores of more than one person, you'll be blocked.
  • You have to register with name and email address at the request of professor Kim Cameron, who owns the OCAI copyright.
  • Your email has to be verified before you can proceed. Temporary email addresses are NOT allowed.
  • If you don't buy your personal report, you won't get more details, like raw data.
  • You accept our General Terms & conditions, including your mailing list subscription.
  • You can unsubscribe anytime.
  • You have to complete ALL the pages of the assessment before you see your results and receive an email.