For Individuals


Individuals do the survey for FREE!

  • Sign up for the trial version to see how the validated OCAI works.
  • Get your personal profile with a short explanation.
  • Receive papers and updates about culture change from the mailing list.
  • This is our service and your starting point before you buy a Pro or Enterprise account. English only.
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For Teams


Account for teams or organizations.

  • Get the collective, averaged profile of current and preferred culture for all participants.
  • Receive an extensive results report and the OCAI Preparation & Work Kits to work with the results.
  • Fixed price, regardless of the number of participants: $ 597 or € 497.
  • Buy, set-up online and start immediately. Currently available in 19 languages.
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For Organizations

OCAI Enterprise

Account for organizations that need more than the collective culture profile.

  • Order additional sub-profiles to compare departments, locations, levels, or other demographics.
  • Customized account that you set up yourself - with clear instructions!
  • Price starts from $ 1691 or € 1351: 1 collective and 2 sub profiles. Currently available in 19 languages.
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Why Use The OCAI?


Validated & quantified

Start with a validated, quantified profile of culture types and what to change.


Quick & Focused

OCAI assesses six key aspects that define culture - the survey takes little time but is validated.


Share & Engage

No charge per person: invite everyone! You can't change unless you engage coworkers.


Develop Dialogue

Apply our approach to elaborate on the results and engage people. They own the change.


Change what Matters

Together, focus on the daily behaviors that make the difference - and do change together.


Make Change Last

Change circles help people stay at it! Support coworkers to change.

OCAI makes change work

OCAI online helps leaders, managers, Organization Development consultants, Change practitioners, HR people and other professionals to assess and guide organizational culture change.

OCAI online’s founders are Marcel Lamers and Marcella Bremer. Our motto is to develop the workers, the workplace and the world.

We provide the OCAI tool online as a starting point for development and change. Our services include the online OCAI survey with ready-to-use Preparation & Work Kits, video trainings, books, live workshops and consulting. Our partner consultants all over the world can support your organization to grow.

Our Books

Developing a Positive Culture

by Marcella Bremer
Leadership & Change Magazine Issue 11
What can YOU do to develop a positive culture, whether you have a leadership position or not.
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Organizational Culture Change

by Marcella Bremer
Organizational Culture Change book by Marcella Bremer
Unleash your organization’s potential in circles of 10.
The practical How-To book stuffed with real cases!
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Why work with culture?

Research shows culture's powerful effect on the performance and long-term effectiveness of organizations. It impacts employee morale, commitment, productivity, physical health and emotional well-being.

Culture is what makes your organization unique - and what may keep you stuck in the past... Today's world is complex, interconnected, driven by fast technological and social change. We need to update our mindset and behaviors to survive. Leadership, culture and change have changed. Are you ready? Develop your coworkers and co-create a culture that thrives on change.

Global Gurus
Kim Cameron
Professor of Management and Organizations in Michigan and OCAI co-founder, about the Dutch Research on Organizational Culture in Health Care

I can certainly endorse your work as being vitally important, enlightening, and seemingly very helpful in stimulating needed change in the Dutch health care sector. You are certainly to be congratulated on your work, your insights, and for asking the right questions in the first place. This study should be taken seriously as an important source of information for guiding change