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Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument online

What is OCAI?

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI - © 1999 Kim S. Cameron) is a validated tool for assessing organizational culture, developed by Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan. It is based on the Competing Values Framework: one of the most used and useful frameworks in business (over 10,000 companies in 30 years). The online OCAI takes about 15 minutes. The paid version offers 19 languages.

Why do OCAI?

Why do organizations invest in organizational culture? Culture influences organizational performance, innovation, agility, engagement, and competitiveness. Research shows that a toxic culture decreases productivity with 40%, while an effective culture increases productivity with 20%, and a positive culture even with 30-40%.

Use the OCAI tool on this website to assess the culture and start the process of developing organizational culture.


For individuals with one personal culture profile.

  • See how the validated OCAI works.
  • Available for students.
  • Get your culture profile with a short explanation.
  • Receive updates about culture via our mailing list.


For teams and organizations with one collective culture profile.

  • Get the collective profile of current and preferred culture of all participants.
  • Download the results report and the OCAI Kits to work with the results.
  • Fixed price, regardless of the number of participants: $ 597 or € 497.
  • Set up and buy online within minutes.
  • Available in 19 languages.
  • No commercial offers and no automatic mailing list subscription.
  • For consultants, leaders, and associates.

OCAI Enterprise

For organizations with several culture profiles to compare.

  • Get the collective profile plus sub-profiles to compare demographics of your choice.
  • Receive the results report and the OCAI Kits to work with the results.
  • Price is based on the number of sub-profiles, regardless of the number of participants.
  • Set up and buy online.
  • Available in 19 languages.
  • No commercial offers and no automatic mailing list subscription.
  • For consultants, leaders, and associates.

Why Use the OCAI?


Validated & quantified

Start with a validated, quantified profile of current and preferred culture types.


Quick & Focused

OCAI looks at 6 key aspects of culture: as short as possible but validated.


Share & Engage

No charge per person: invite everyone! Organizational change needs both leaders and associates to succeed.


Develop Dialogue

Apply our approach to work with the assessment results and engage people.


Change what Matters

Focus on behaviors that make the difference and change what matters.


Make Change Last

Change Circles help people to support each other and persevere.

OCAI makes change work

OCAI online helps leaders, managers, Organization Development consultants, Change facilitators, and HR professionals to assess the culture and engage in organizational culture development.

OCAI online’s founders are Marcel Lamers and Marcella Bremer. The OCAI copyright belongs to professor Kim Cameron. Our purpose is to help people and organizations develop (more) positive cultures, so that both people and performance thrive.

We provide the OCAI tool online to check and improve your organizational culture. Our services include the online OCAI survey with do-it-yourself Work Kits, video training, books, workshops and consulting. Our partner consultants offer facilitation in many locations. Our Positive Culture Academy adds e-learning to your culture meetings to support the change process.

Our Books

Organizational Culture Change

Organizational Culture Change

by Marcella Bremer

Unleash your organization’s potential in circles of 10. The practical How-To book stuffed with real cases!

Developing a Positive Culture

Developing a Positive Culture

by Marcella Bremer

This pragmatic and well-researched book focuses on how to develop a positive culture with Interaction Interventions or Change Circles.

Training and Consulting

We offer online video training on how to work with the OCAI (© 1999 Kim S. Cameron) and a Culture, Change & Leadership workshop about facilitating culture change.

We can facilitate your workshop about your organization's OCAI profile or train your professionals to do so.

We founded the online Positive Culture Academy to help you apply positive leadership.

We can assist you with consultancy online or in-person.

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