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Organizational Culture Change - The Book

Organizational Culture Change

If you’ve enjoyed the book by Cameron and Quinn: "Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture - based on the Competing Values Framework" - here’s your pragmatic, next must-read: "Organizational Culture Change - Unleashing your organization’s potential in circles of 10".

Learn how to utilize the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI - based on the Competing Values Framework) as a starting point to successful change.
From the OCAI to Change Circles of 10 co-workers: engage, energize and unleash your organization’s potential!

Many organizational change projects do not deliver promised results because their approach is too conceptual and excludes associates and daily habits in the workplace.

Personal, pragmatic and sustainable change

Here’s the new approach: engage people and make change personal, pragmatic and focused on specific behaviors in circles of 10 co-workers.
Learn this approach in the book: "Organizational Culture Change - Unleashing your organization’s potential in circles of 10" by OCAI Online’s founder Marcella Bremer.

Bremer uses the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument to start the dialogue about where organizations Are and where they want to Be. She engages people to take ownership of their workplace in interactive workshops, combining personal and group learning to create a team where people are happy to work.

Everyone who thought that culture was too broad, should read this book. Learn how to BE the change you want to see and help the others DO it, too.
Learn and enjoy, among other things: the Competing Values Framework (what do you value most?), the 7 conditions for change success, how to understand current culture, how to develop new behaviors that will build the new culture, how to solve "dark" behaviors in groups and how to get through the "messy middle" of change as a team.

Learn from the consulting cases that help you see how culture can be changed. Bremer encourages you to make it work this time!

Review by Leandro Herrero, CEO of The Chalfont Project Ltd, and Viral Change Global L.L.P:
"This is an excellent book with an unusual achievement: solid foundations and logic together with practical implications, all in one. The book is packed with ideas and 'applications' and in every page, there is something not just to read but to reflect and imagine 'the translation' in a particular organizational challenge. Many people interested in the 'growing industry' of Employee Engagement will find the book very useful and hopefully will conclude the need to switch to a bottom-up, grassroots, small groups, activism model as we orchestrate in our Viral Change programs. Excellent piece of work!"

"Organizational Culture Change" explains how to:

  • Diagnose and change culture with a validated approach to change.
  • Engage coworkers and have them take ownership.
  • Utilize everyone’s energy and ideas.
  • Work with positive energizers and change agents.
  • Become aware of resistance and assess satisfaction.
  • Align mission and values with performance, strategy, and behaviors.
  • Align different departments and the board with the shop floor.
  • If you like, to relate the MBTI personality test and management styles to culture types.
  • Conduct workshops and truly engage your organization, team by team...
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