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OCAI Consultants

After the OCAI assessment, you start working on the desired culture change. You can do this yourself using our OCAI Work Kit. If you prefer working with an external consultant, here's our selection. We partner with consultants all over the world who can guide your culture change process in your language and time zone, in your location.

Our local, global OCAI consultants are:







South America


We are always building our network of qualified consultants and we want to make sure that you hire the best local professionals to work on organizational culture and change.

OCAI consultant certification

We are open to hearing from professional and entrepreneurial consultants who'd like to partner with us. The Culture Change & Leadership Workshop is a certification course for aspiring official partner consultants of OCAI Online. We have a simple partnership arrangement.

We only refer projects or prospects to consultants who qualified via the workshop. Email us via the contact form if you want to become a partner, too.