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Organizational Culture Change - Video Training

Do you need to work with culture - so that it doesn't work against your organization? We offer two video courses in one package: the basis OCAI Video Training and the Leading Successful Change videos. Moreover, you'll also get access to the Positive Leadership, Culture, Change Package! It's a treasure chest with 20 digital Leadership & Change magazine issues, audio interviews, white papers, an e-Book and more.

You can enroll today.

OCAI Organizational Culture Change Video Training

The basis Organizational Culture Change Video Training helps leaders, managers, Organization Development consultants, Change facilitators, HR professionals and students to use diagnose and change organizational culture with the OCAI.
After this 12-hour video training, you know how to use the OCAI to guide organizational culture change!

Contents of the Culture Change Video Training:

0. Introduction
1. What is organizational culture and why it matters
2. Competing Values Framework and OCAI
3. Comparison of some industry groups
4. Advantages and disadvantages of using OCAI
5. Successful change: Necessary conditions
6. Practical choices in the use of the OCAI
7. Internal communications
8. An OCAI Case: Care Center for Disabled people
9. Practical choices when organizing workshops
10. OCAI Workshop: The start
11. OCAI Workshop: Future and Preferred culture
12. OCAI Workshop: Developing a Change Plan
13. An OCAI Case: Merger
14. Culture types in various expressions
15. OCAI change process: Leadership
16. Different interventions and persistence
17. Positive Leadership: A case with the Abundance Approach
18. Modern desire for Clan & Adhocracy Cultures

Leading Successful Change Video Training

"Leading Successful Change" offers you 4 hours of inspirational and insightful lectures stuffed with cases and examples. These videos were recorded during the 2.5-day Culture Change Leadership workshop in front of an audience.

Based on the book “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10”, Marcella Bremer explains the “Change Circles of 10”-approach that engages and empowers associates to co-create the change that will work for them.

Learn to build trust, dialogue, and engagement while you focus on specific behaviors and on what is working well. Learn to develop the culture: ready for change and future-proof!

Contents of Leading Successful Change Video Training:

Why does Organizational Change often fail - and how does it succeed?
What is Organizational Culture and why does it matter in Change?
How to use the Competing Values Framework in Change?
How to guide Change in Change Circles?
How to utilize Viral Change and Positive Leadership?
How to focus on personal behaviors and support in the Change Circle?

The Positive Leadership, Culture, Change Package

The Positive Leadership, Culture, Change Package in our members area also entails:

The Positive Personal Power Program: Reading, reflection to focus on your personal positive power

The eBook: Change with Culture and Positive Leadership: How to guide organizational change by working with culture and leadership

20 Leadership & Change magazine issues: with great articles about change, leadership, and culture. An inspiring, awesome variety of thoughtful articles and insights on organizational change, leadership, new ways of organizing and collaborating, organizational culture, personal development for leaders, coaches, and consultants, and more...!

Make-your-difference articles to read, reflect, and apply: Pick the articles that resonate with you

Positive Leadership & Culture white papers: Learn more and apply practices and insights to your workplace

Audio interviews with inspiring speakers: Some audio inspiration by great professionals

Webinars and videos: A diversity of topics to gain practical insights

PACKAGE DEAL: Organizational Culture Change Video Courses and the Positive Leadership, Culture, Change Package

The package deal for both video series and the Positive Leadership, Culture, Change Package is $ 127. Pay online and enroll today. Just click here to go the Package Deal ORDER page.

The value of this content is awesome - and will inspire you to reflection, learning, but also action! How can you apply some of these ideas, tools, and insights to your situation at work, your team, your organization's culture?

Are you in? Get access to this Treasure Chest right here.

What Clients say about the Videos:

This is the best training I have received in the last 20 years of my career. I have been doing change management in organizations for the last 13 years, but the insight provided in this training has opened my world view and has put a structure to such a vast and complicated topic as understanding organization culture.

I would highly recommend this training to all individuals who take pride in presenting themselves as change agents and who want to make a contribution to society by helping organizations get to the next level. Not only will you learn a lot from this video training but also realize a meaningful purpose for yourself that could be a life-changing experience.

Sumeet Kumar, Founding Partner, KFI Management Consulting, OCAI Consultant, Canada

Marcella is an excellent instructor and I would be willing to see more advanced coursework taught by her. Experience, examples, and understanding of the material is stellar.

Michael Fallig

I found the training to be very straightforward with real examples that effectively illustrated the concepts. Marcella shared many insights for a variety of situations to help me use this in my practice. I liked the notes provided that I can use for reference. I am excited to begin using the OCAI tool. Thanks for a great course!

Lori A. Heinz

This program is an absolute must for anyone involved in leading change! Marcela provides a guided tour of the complex and often misunderstood world of organizational culture and presents simple, practical and proven strategies for change. Marcella's approach is simple, practical and grounded in research. Each video module is expertly crafted - steeped with theory and real-world application. This is an investment you won't regret.

Kelly Duggan