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The Positive Culture Book

Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive

Positive organizations are better at change, more innovative, competitive, profitable, and also contributing more to the world.
If you influence one person, one interaction at a time, you contribute to positive change!

This practical and well-researched Positive Culture Book focuses on what you can personally do to develop a positive culture, whether you have a leadership position or not. Based on renowned models and research, you'll see how to engage your co-workers with Interaction Interventions or Change Circles, so that people and performance can thrive.

Would you like to change the organization where you work? Do you need more engagement? Better results? Faster innovation? A meaningful contribution…? Does it matter what you do?

Author Marcella Bremer says: "What strikes me is that even managers often think they cannot change their organizations. I remember an executive team that felt defeated by an acquisition and now obeyed an international headquarters. They persisted in their victimhood: Things happened to them, and they couldn’t change anything.

Change always starts within ourselves - by seeing it differently and next, doing something different. This last group of middle managers urged me to look for Interaction Interventions that you can do anyway - regardless of your position, without needing permission or resources. (In addition to the Change Circles I had developed earlier to engage all employees to change).

We long for a world and a workplace where we matter. Most of us would love to work hard for a shared, meaningful purpose and contribute to the greater good. We yearn for possibilities - what if the positive potential we hope for could come true? We long for connection and are wired to collaborate. We thrive if we keep on learning and experience sufficient autonomy. That’s why we need to transform our organizations."

Does your organization need to be more innovative, competitive, agile, and productive? As a leader, you can develop a positive culture to help people and performance thrive.
Do you hate going to work on Monday? As an employee, you can influence your boss, co-workers, and clients by positive interactions (or find a better place to thrive). Remember: one candle can light a room.
Do your clients wear you out? As a consultant or coach - you can help them develop a positive, productive culture.

The fascinating research on positive organizations shows what can happen if you develop a positive culture, based on a positive organic mental map. People and performance start to thrive!
This book is for leaders and employees, for colleagues and clients, for consultants and coaches.

Guide to the Positive Culture Book

  • Part 1 is the WHAT and the why of developing a positive, productive culture.
  • Part 2 is about WHO: your personal preparation. This is a “must-do” to be the change you wish to see and to embody the positive-organic mindset that helps to develop a positive organization.
  • In Part 3, we’ll look at HOW with Interaction Interventions: what you can do to make the culture more positive, regardless of your position, without needing permission or resources. You can change your interactions to be “the candle that lights the room” - maybe together with a few allies.
  • Part 4 shows HOW to engage the whole organization in Change Circles and deliberately work on developing a positive culture.

Order your copy on Amazon: Paperback or Kindle Edition.

Praise for the Positive Culture Book

Order your copy on Amazon: Paperback or Kindle Edition