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OCAI online

Marcella BremerHow about working with OCAI online's co-founder Marcella Bremer?

The OCAI helps teams and organizations to notice their current culture and see what could improve. After the assessment, you'll receive your OCAI culture profile results in a report. The results report is self-explanatory, but some clients prefer a debriefing or consulting call with OCAI Online's Marcella Bremer.

Online debriefing of your OCAI results

You can book a one-hour online video call to consult with Marcella about your OCAI results report. Please contact us to book your call.

Onsite consulting

We're happy to discuss your needs and wishes for onsite consulting. Please note that we are based in Europe and travel and lodging costs apply. Marcella can facilitate your OCAI Culture workshops, based on your OCAI assessment. If you want to know the options and pricing, please email us.

About Marcella Bremer

Marcella is a culture & change consultant who helps organizations develop a (more) positive, productive culture.

She has a MScBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management and is awarded as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus on Organizational Culture.

She published two books: Organizational Culture Change, and The Positive Culture Book.

With Marcel Lamers, she founded the online Positive Culture Academy, and OCAI online that offers Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) to organizations all over the world. Marcella's blog is Leadership & Change Magazine.