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Siaens Consulting

Siaens Consulting (Dutch) helps service organizations to enhance their customer focus by identifying the internal risks from a customers’ perspective.

By using the OCAI instrument, leaders and coworkers get a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed within their organization.

Based on this insight, service organizations can cocreate the preferred culture, systems and structures together with their customers, enabling an optimal usage of the human energy as the most important resource of an organization.  

More fun at work, improved quality of service, enhanced employee- and customer satisfaction and more profit are some of the possible consequences.

Jelle Siaens has been auditing ISO9001 quality management systems in service organizations throughout Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the US for more than 15 years. Based on his experience, Jelle Siaens wants to help business leaders get acquainted with the “new quality” and inspires them to apply “integral leadership” in their organizations.

Jelle Siaens is a persistent and an involved pragmatic with a high level of integrity and has a strong quality and customer-oriented mindset. Key words that describe Jelle Siaens are individual leadership, self-motivation and perseverance for which he can rely on his professional experiences as well as his experiences in the Himalayas of Nepal.