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Agency Consulting

Charles AnosikeCharles Anosike, DBA, FCMI is principal partner and consultant at Agency Consulting Ltd in Abuja, Nigeria. Agency Consulting specializes in Project Management, Organizational Development and Change, Leadership Development, and Sustainability.

Our Vision: We promote and enable shared value through ethical leadership to improve organizational performance for sustainability. The fast changing business environment is leaving organizations in constant rethinking to adapt for change. Agency helps organizations to imbibe systems thinking approach, focusing on collective whole to achieve sustainable value. We work with organizations to identify the preferred culture of the whole in order to achieve the desired outcome. By using OCAI Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument, Agency can effectively help organizations to integrate internal and external factors relevant for successful change.

Charles gained a solid foundation from his doctoral research/dissertation, which focused on sustainability efforts of one oil company in Nigeria. Drawing on sustainable value framework and systems thinking, organizations can uncover opportunities deriving from economic, social, and environmental issues to create sustainable value for stakeholders. Charles has over 15 years of management experience, he is a fellow at Chartered Management Institute (FCMI), a member of Institute of Consulting (MIC), member of Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM) and Chartered Management Practitioner.

We are happy to be part of the OCAI partner network.

Agency Consulting Ltd