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Ana-Marija Marić

Ana-Marija Marić, the owner of AMM CONSULTING, is a management expert with +20 years of professional experience in various sectors, industries and projects. Continuous personal and professional development is one of her critical characteristics. She particularly specialises in managing business operations and (transformative) change initiatives. Project management is her first love, and today she is dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving their visions through improving overall performance and building positive, highly productive cultures.

To get in touch, please connect on LinkedIn.

Covering the Croatian and other markets of the ex-Yugoslavian territory, AMM CONSULTING offers small- and medium-sized organisations and individuals business consulting, educational, and other services regarding project and operations management, organisational changes and transformations, and organisational culture.

At its core purpose, AMM CONSULTING helps organisations and individuals reach better solutions to their business challenges, as well as discover and successfully utilise any hidden potential.

Its Signature Service, offered to clients under the name amm180, is intended for organizations that, in a short time, wish to turn their business around by 180 degrees. It does so by combining and utilising the vast expertise and applying the systemic approach.

AMM CONSULTING offers a path to better business operation and a healthier work environment and culture.