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Averroes Advisory

Averroes Advisory is a leading regional management consulting and advisory company based in Qatar and operates in the nearby region. Offers consulting, organizational development solutions and capacity building programs that deliver excellent results and creates value to our customer and partners. Averroes serves customers in various industries and sectors including government, NGO and private sectors.

Averroes offers services in different disciplines among the most important is Strategy, Quality, Organizational Development, Culture Assessment, Performance Management, Project Management, Market research and Business Planning. Assist organizations in creating new necessary transformational and change actions and help them develop the right cultures that support their strategies and objectives.

Averroes is powered by a strong and diversified pool of professionals that have proven track records of achievements. Averroes special subject matter experts are knowledgeable and experienced in different working culture and business environment in the area, focusing on practical and sustainable results and knowledge transfer to our clients as well as provide its client with capabilities and tools to lead, grow and prosper.

Averroes Advisory is founded and led by
Eng. Rawhey El dabagh, MA, CET, MPM, MQM, LA I CEO
Ahmed Abounahia, MBA, BSG I Managing Director

Averroes Advisory