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Cees van 't Wout

Cees van 't WoutAs a senior manager, I have successfully changed organizations, teams and people. I'm driven by learning and development, as a person but also within the organizations I worked for.

Cees van 't Wout combines positive leadership, a hands-on mentality, experience and in-depth (theoretical) business knowledge. He loves to work at the intersection of people, technology and business. His strength is getting things done together with an organic approach.

Cees can offer temporary leadership on a strategic or tactical level for a variety of change, transformation or development projects. Every organization is unique so the approach for each assignment is unique but always with the Positive Culture principles as a basis.

The OCAI-culture instrument can serve to better understand the organization and as a starting point on the road to an improved, positive culture.

Cees van 't Wout