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Ignacio Schmidt is a business consultant and an entrepreneur - helping clients establish the strategic and executional foundation to generate sustainable growth. He helps clients implement growth strategies, create a company culture that promotes growth, identify and incorporate successfully mergers/acquisitions, and generate financial resources to fuel the growth.

Ignacio has a vast experience in creating a pipeline of new lines of business, creating and launching successfully new brands, products, and services, executing with excellence sales and marketing strategies, designing and implementing company culture that rewards innovative solutions, re-organizing functions and processes, training and developing people for success, and lastly, identifying non consumer noticeable cost-savings.

Ignacio brings to clients its passion for excellence and his belief that clients not only need the fish, but also need to be trained to fish by themselves.

Outside work, Ignacio dedicates his time with his wife and three children, and keeps himself with a waist below 90 cm thru regular exercise.