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Equil Consulting

We start with culture...

Corporate culture is the air that breathes life into your organization. This sounds dramatic…and it is. Companies survive, thrive and dominate based on well-developed corporate cultures. They can also falter, stagnate and ultimately become extinct if the culture becomes toxic and misaligned with the overarching strategy. It’s no secret that a company with a great idea and some talented employees can find a degree of success. While this may be true, if care is not taken to nurture your corporate culture, that success may be fleeting.

Unfortunately, corporate culture is overlooked or is an after-thought for many organizations. When this is the case, the overall business strategy is choked, talent will be suffocated, attrition will intensify and news of this struggling culture will spread, making acquisition of new talent difficult if not impossible.

Equil Consulting

Equil Consulting understands these concerns and has worked with many companies to interrupt cultural failure, repair the issues and align current leadership and/or build a management team that will ensure success. Human capital is the heart of your company and acquiring and keeping talent is absolutely paramount. More than a competitive compensation and benefits plan, it means providing a balanced space where high-performers can come and influence as much as they are influenced.

About Jeff Johnson

Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson is the Managing Director of Equil Consulting LLC. He is not only responsible for setting the course for the firm, he is also a key member of the consulting staff and is involved with all levels of client engagement.

Jeff has over 15 years of management consulting experience, beginning his career with large firms like Hewitt Aon and Willis Towers Watson providing compliance, executive compensation and benefits consulting. He later took his expertise to two small boutique firms where he helped build their consulting practices and focused on retirement plan investment strategy and training retirement plan committee board members on risk and fiduciary responsibilities.

Jeff recognized that many of the challenges faced by business leaders were a result of management team talent, ineffectual use of human capital, ineffective change management practices and most importantly issues related to corporate culture. He decided to compliment his business acumen with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, gaining vital insight into how individual leadership and management team dynamics impact the ultimate success of organizations. Jeff believes that culture sustains the life of the organization and therefore integrates the Competing Values Framework and the OCAI in almost all of his consulting engagements.

Jeff holds a B.A. in Political Science from Augustana College and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He also holds the Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation in Executive and Business Coaching from the Center for Credentialing & Education (a division of the National Board Certified Counselors), a professional counseling license (LPC) in Illinois, and a Mediation Certificate from Northwestern University.