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Wil de Groot-Bolluijt is an experienced change manager. Wil started her career as a qualified pediatric nurse, but she currently has more than 20 years of experience in management and managerial positions. To graduate as a ‘Master of Science in Nursing’ she did research on change management and organizational culture. This specialization is still the theme of her career. She combines culture and change with training and coaching activities in her company GrootBolwerk (Dutch).

Thanks to the people of OCAI online (Marcella & Marcel) she is enthusiastic about the OCAI because she has seen how the use of the OCAI can help people with the process of change.

Wil focuses on working with groups, leading change- and amalgamation processes, and carrying out innovation projects. Her working area is primarily healthcare and education. She has considerable experience in managing and counseling change processes both in small and larger companies. Wil is convinced that bonding people is essential. She aims at bringing people together and manages processes, both teams and individual employees. Her multi-faceted experience means that she is acutely conscious of the varying needs of employees, teams and managers. Her value lies in her enthusiastic and powerful way of coaching and managing (groups) of people.

Wil’s talent lies in motivating and stimulating people to work together: she likes to share experiences and has a practical and result driven approach. In addition she aims at a good balance between individual and business interests.

The OCAI-culture instrument is thereby inserted as a clever tool in the search for the best connection between employee and organization in a changing organizational culture.