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Heart to Heart

Hesham MansourDr. Mohamed Hesham Mansour is the Chairman & CEO of Heart to Heart. The company has two business units: Communications and Consultancy & Human development.

Our Vision: Heart To Heart will contribute to Egypt’s prosperity by providing management, marketing and communication tools to the major two industries, Health Care and Education, that constitute the foundation pillars upon which our economy would eventually flourish.

For our country: We contribute to its prosperity by building the competencies of individuals and organizations and equip them with crucial developmental and communication tools.

For our clients:
Individuals: We explore their abilities, leverage their skills, build their competencies and engrave their position into the challenging workplace.
Organizations: We forecast their needs, implant their strategies, craft their marketing and management tools and nurture their growth into the highly competitive marketplace.

For our employees:
We attract, train and retain exceptionally promising calibers and empower them to achieve our common goals.

We are a full-service organization, with well-diversified specialties directed towards individuals and organizations.

We work through the following approach:
We have a range of resources and tools to assist individuals and organizations to reach their potential and realize their objectives (e.g. coaching resources; risk management plan templates; strategic plan templates; human resource templates; leadership resources; tailored training packages and much more).

We are passionate about people and business and we take seriously our "commitment to assistance – for greater success".
We are practical in our approach and methodical in making sure that the people we work with get the assistance that provides exceptional value for money.

We are happy to also offer the OCAI - Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument.

Heart to Heart provided the Arabic translation for OCAI online.

Heart to Heart