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Homecoming Creative

Caroline Stolzfus

Are you a nonprofit or church leader tired of feeling the tension in your communication efforts, internally and externally?

As a strategist who built her career in nonprofits and scrappy marketing agencies, Caroline Stolzfus knows what it takes to ask the right questions and drive the right results.

Caroline is a graduate-level certified to tackle communication challenges in complex environments. That’s academic speak for: she's ready to endure conflict with kindness so that your organization can positively impact your community from within and without.

Drawing from her education, work experience, and certification in culture change workshops, she can help you foster productive communication with stakeholders that overflows into successful marketing efforts. There's nothing she loves more than getting in a room and uncovering what's holding you back and what will move you forward.

Homecoming Creative was founded to come alongside you and:

  1. Diagnose where your organizational culture is now and where you need to be.
  2. Facilitate meaningful, actionable conversations among stakeholders.
  3. Craft nuanced campaigns and action steps that align your internal and external values.

Let’s rediscover your purpose and care for your people. Visit to get started.

Homecoming Creative