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Marcel HussonMarcel Berg Husson is the Principal and Owner of HussonConsult, an Organizational Change & Transformation consulting firm based in Denmark.

Marcel is a certified Organizational Change Manager and Human Capital Strategist with over 20 years hands-on experience ranging from Culture Change to Post-Merger Integration and Leadership Development. In this regard, OCAI is used as an integrated tool to understand and work with the cultural aspects of any organizational change.

Marcel has worked 13 years as an external management consultant and 10 years as internal HR/OD practitioner in large multinational companies. As such, Marcel comes with the extensive toolkit of a management consultant combined with the practical experience of driving change from the inside in large international matrix organizations.

Marcel’s primary strengths are:

  1. his ability to take a project or initiative all the way from strategy to execution
  2. working with, and communicating, complex organizational issues in a simple way
  3. a pragmatic and hands-on way of working