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Kaya Consulting Australia

Kaya Consulting solutions improve organisational effectiveness. Specializing in leadership training and executive coaching, it is a global consulting firm that delivers people smart solutions with long term organisational value.

Jan SipsmaKaya is owned by Jan and Lianne Sipsma. As founding partner of Kaya, Jan Sipsma has 20+ years of experience as an organisational effectiveness consultant, including 12 years as an organisational psychologist. Jan specialises in strategic planning, organizational architecture and design, change management, capability and performance enhancement and the identification and development of leadership.

Lianne SipsmaLianne Sipsma has spent the majority of her 20+ year career, including 12 years as organizational psychologist, within large corporate organisations specializing in talent resourcing and organisational development. Lianne has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology, which she achieved cum laude. She was awarded the Bronze Medal for being the Top Masters Student for 2000 across faculties. Her thesis on emotional intelligence and team effectiveness has been presented at various conferences and published in numerous publications.

Kaya Consulting South-Africa

Heidi van SchalckwykAs a registered industrial psychologist, Heidi van Schalckwyk has proven experience in organisational effectiveness consulting, both as a consultant and Managing Partner of our South African practice, focusing on talent development, teambuilding, psychometrics and coaching. Recently, she was involved in building a talent pipeline within the automotive industry, as well as change management and employee performance projects.

At Kaya, we've been involved in the design, development and facilitation of organizational development initiatives since 2000. In that time, we've developed a philosophy and methodology for enhancing employee and organisational capability, based on our core values:

  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Quality
  • Values

While we address organisational effectiveness from a psychological perspective, drawing on over 150 years of research into capability and human potential, we don't try to 'fix' people.

We believe that all people have capability and, therefore, potential. It's our job to unlock the motivators and facilitate the understanding that unleashes that potential, equipping people with the awareness, behaviours, training and discipline they need to manage and fulfil their capability.

And so we improve organisational productivity and profitability by enabling individuals to leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses – an ethos that works.

Kaya Consulting