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LQ supports managers and organisations to build successful companies and satisfied employees. Organizations are complex systems in which all components are linked together and depend on each other. Leaders and managers are the champions of these systems. Our aim is to rise awareness and competence of managers by developing leadership culture to a new level.



LQ works with leaders and managers, raises their self-awareness and the awareness about the complexity of systems of which they are a part of.

What we do?

Diagnostics, Leadership training programs, Coaching.

Our mission

To offer a leap in leadership consciousness.

Leaders and managers will achieve the following results by working with LQ:

  • better efficiency and profitability
  • making the processes in the organization faster and more efficient
  • higher quality of interpersonal relationships
  • become more authentic, efficient leaders with integrity, a healthy ego, inner peace, balance and the possibility to influence the processes in the organization heavily

After completing our Leadership academy or Coaching academy, leaders will boost their ability to challenge the status quo, to clearly articulate their vision of the organization, win the commitment of their people, do the right things and develop individually and assist the development of their team members.

Trainers and coaches

LQ trainers & coaches

Alan Žepec

Alan is the founder of the LQ organization and works as a coach and a trainer in the area of leadership and personal development for companies in Croatia and abroad. He has worked with many leaders on their personal and professional development and participated in international project with global companies. He is a lecturer at the London Academy of Executive Coaching. He acquired his experience as the owner of a construction company, he has been the president of the SME Association and has managed the Industry and Entrepreneurship Task Force on behalf of the government of the Republic of Croatia in the EU accession negotiations. He works as a team facilitator in various organization and as a coaching supervisor. Above all, Alan loves people and is committed to raising the awareness of leaders managing organizations.

Martina Detelić

Martina Detelić, a graduate sociologist, has spent the biggest part of her career in media. She carved out her career as a journalist, editor and anchor at the Information Desk of RTL Televizija, in programs RTL Danas and RTL Vijesti. Countless hours spent in the anchor chair and numerous live appearances in the best watched TV programme provide for an invaluable experience that is the backbone of media trainings. Other than individual media trainings, Martina also does executive/business coaching, for which she has a degree from one of the best known business coaching institutions in the world - Academy of Executive Coaching (London).

Sanja Zdunić

Sanja Zdunić, graduate sociologist, is an expert in managing coaching teams and project management. In-depth knowledge of business process and experience in the management and organization of a law firm, TV company and education company are the key advantage in Sanja's understanding of the business reality and transposing experience from the professional world to the one of education, development and change. Sanja is an NLP practitioner and an executive/business coach certified by the Academy of Executive Coaching (London). Sanja devoted the best part of her educational career to the service industry, especially the luxury hotels segment. Sanja successfully combines work with leaders and their teams and helps them establish mutual understanding, development, results and the joy of emerging changes.

Dr. Avi Goren-Bar

Dr. Avi Goren-Bar from Tel Aviv, Israel, presents thirty five years of extensive experience in creative coaching in various organizations such as educational systems, army (IDF), business and high-tech. With his clinical background both as certified Clinical and Educational Psychologist and accredited Expressive Arts Therapist he brings to his consulting work tremendous amount of human resource knowledge. Avi is specializing in Jungian Coaching in Companies and Organizations applying Jungian Psychology, Gestalt Therapy and Expressive Arts. Dr. Goren-Bar is running three qualifying programs in Athens, Istanbul and Zagreb.

Hazel Valentine

Since 1989 Hazel has been working as a consultant, trainer and coach with clients from the UK, western and central Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to her wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, she has assisted the growth and development of many business sectors and leaders. Hazel is the author of many accredited and world famous leader development programmes.

Ljupko Kontešić

Ljupko works as an Executive&Life coach and Business trainer. He uses his extensive, 20-year experience in professional sports as the basis of his work towards the integration of body and mind in the everyday lives of leaders. He provides his business training skills in many regional projects related to the development of soft skills, professional sales skills and personal development. He is an assistant lecturer at the School of Personal and Integration Development.

Francesco Banchi

Francesco works as a consultant providing help and support to international corporations in developing and implementing solutions aimed at increasing the selling and marketing efficiency of their teams. His personal trademark is characterized by a clear understanding of marketing and sales with 15 years of experience and a contagious motivational energy. The backbone of his work is that you cannot strive for excellence without personal commitment and the WILL to test our own limits: passion and dedication are crucial! Francesco also works as an Executive Coach and is certified by London's AoEC. Other than in Italy, he's also lived in the US, Spain, Austria in Croatia, where he came in 2005, as the CEO of an international pharmaceutical company.