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META Consulting

META Consultingis a rapidly-growing company specializing in corporate training and consulting under the slogan ‘steering the direction of Asia’s corporate cultures.’ META’s workshops and consulting services focus on:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Management
  • Global Business

META hopes to help bring horizontal organizational culture to Asia by transforming and supporting Asian corporations that are overly dependent on rank and authority. We believe that the future of Asian corporations depends on horizontal culture, as this will lead to creativity and innovation.

META is an abbreviation for Management Empowerment Training in Asia. This emphasis on “training” means that META focuses on education and its power to strengthen the abilities of employees and managers in Northeast Asia. META provides workshop and consulting services in the whole Asian region.

John KimJohn Kim is the founding CEO of META and the author of three books, including Organizations without Meetings and Breaking the Silent Rules.
His specialties lie in organizational culture, leadership, change management, performance management, facilitation skills, and organizational development.

He has 20 years of experience in the fields of inter-company negotiations, sales management, labor relations, corporate training and business management. He is particularly strong in diagnosing and resolving corporate issues through various lenses such as performance management, leadership, business impact, and organizational change.

He has worked with most of the largest corporations in Korea, such as Samsung Electronics, Lotte Group, Hyundai Group, Hanwha Group, LG, SK Telecom, Kia Motors, and many others. He has worked with employees in a wide range of positions—from new hires to CEOs—in his client companies. Most recently, he worked with Samsung Electronics over the course of three years: providing consulting to 200 executives on how to change their culture, shooting a video on how to create a horizontal culture for 15,000 employees, and educating and coaching 2,000 local and foreign executives and managers, change agents, and new employees.

Kim is passionate about how to change corporate culture in Northeast Asia. He also helps foreign managers and executives adapt to Korean corporate culture. Kim is the only accredited practitioner of the Hofstede model of intercultural management in Korea. Kim has been certified in most of the globally-recognized organizational culture models.

Kim graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Organizational Development, with the highest GPA in his year. His thesis, which explored the current level of alignment between executive coaching and leadership development, received the award for best thesis. He has also earned certifications from the Practitioner Program of Organizational Development and Organizational Change at the University of Pennsylvania and in Human Resources Management at Cornell University.

He will continue to focus on organizational culture and organizational development in the long term. His philosophy is that organizations can meet their full potential when their employees are treated with dignity and respect.

META Consulting