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Charlotte GoudreaultWe, at Quali•Scope (in French only), contribute to our customers' development and success. We empower them to succeed their transformation and continuous improvement journey to achieve superior organizational agility, accelerate change, develop high performing teams, and engage and align their employees. The end result is the acceleration and maximization of business value creation and of benefits for the enterprise and its stakeholders.

Our mission is to achieve this purpose through providing immediately actionable high-performance coaching, consulting, training and action learning to:

  • Support your journey towards a superior organizational culture, one being more positive, more innovative, more agile, more human and consequently more competitive in your markets.
  • Be more successful in coping with permanent change and evolving in a business environment increasingly more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).

For this to succeed, we believe that it is essential, in the face of constant change, to be able to measure and assess your enterprise, both at its current state and during its evolution towards a more positive and effective organizational culture.

OCAI online is very important to us as a "compass" for starting with you the conversation, and for ensuring that the first actions of your journey to better, sustainable performance and growth go in the right direction.

Claude EmondWe, Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond, as Quali•Scope's principal partners, are very grateful for the training we received in the Netherlands with Marcella Bremer, and are also very pleased to be official OCAI online partners.

Our ability to pursue our mission, to empower our customers and their organizations, is greatly enhanced by the use of OCAI online and will benefit all those embarking on their journey of transformation and continuous improvement towards higher performance and sustainable growth.