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Rita Molnar

Rita MolnarRita Molnar is an Organisational and Business Psychologist, specialized in the fields of talent and HR management, organisational diagnostics and development, and organizational culture change. She has been working as a Management and People & Culture Consultant, and as a Talent Analytics and HR Intelligence Advisor since 2002 in various industrial environment in the Central and Eastern European region.

Rita has consulted for owners and CEOs of large private organisations, SMEs, non-profit, voluntary organisations, local governments and individual professionals as well. Moreover, she has designed and managed extensive and multilevel talent diagnostics and organisational development programmes, supported clients in their talent management decisions based on predictive and prescriptive analytics, and helped organisations execute various change management projects aligned with organizational culture.

Rita is an experienced executive coach and delivers workshops and training on talent analytics and leadership. In her spare time, Rita enjoys guest lecturing at several universities in the CEE region and volunteering as a Career Ambassador for Amcham Hungary, and serves as a professional member at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, U.S.