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Sandra Carmignani

Sandra CarmignaniSandra Carmignani has an academic and scientific background in the field of cultural and social anthropology. Her personal background led her to develop various skills that she applies daily in the context of her professional activities.

The organization of her PhD thesis project, the field experience (interviews, qualitative surveys, participant observation), the methodology in social sciences, the writing of her thesis and of her book, are some of the elements that allow her to manage effectively, structured and thorough the projects entrusted to her.

Thanks to her analytical and editorial competences she produces high-quality reflections for audits and consulting reports, as well as for the communication of the entities for which she works.

Beyond the operational nature of her skills, it is the « fieldwork » that motivate her: interact with people, meet teams and professionals, collect stories and experiences, and help answer their questions.

Sandra is available for consulting on organizational development, corporate culture and values of your company.