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Tina Cantrill

Tina CantrillServing clients from all corners of the globe, Tina Cantrill is an executive coach and organizational culture consultant who works with clients to develop highly effective, humane leaders and organizations where people want to, are able to, and love to achieve consistent results.

With clients in the private and public sectors, Tina brings energy, enthusiasm, engagement, and proven experience to every client with whom she works. She lives what she coaches and teaches and supports clients to become highly effective, performance driven leaders and she helps create organizations where consistent, extraordinary performance become the norm.

With close to fifteen years of Fortune 500 commercial executive leadership experience, Tina brings depth and breadth of practical knowledge, wisdom and insight to her clients. Firsthand, she has witnessed the impact leadership and culture have on an organization’s ability to deliver results, and her focus on humane leadership and positive culture as a means to drive consistent performance is born out of personal success, client success, and academic research.

Tina began her professional career in the cardiac ICU as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Nurse Practitioner) in the U.K.. Her commercial leadership career spanned more than two decades, two continents and several countries, and she built and grew numerous multi-million dollar pharmaceutical and healthcare brands and businesses. Tina holds an MBA from the University of Leicester with an academic focus in leadership and organizational behaviour. She is a certified professional coach, master NLP practitioner, and certified CBT practitioner. Tina is also a certified partner of OCAI online and has extensive experience with the OCAI tool, Competing Values Framework (CVF), and has conducted many culture development mandates in both the public and private sectors.