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The covid-pandemic has opened people up. This time is an opportunity to spread positivity - says Mary Meston, VP of Talent Management in this interview. The Positive Culture Academy has inspired her.

Most people are friendly and prefer kind leaders. But why do kind people change once they are in position of power? And why do we let them get away with it? It's #culture!

“The company is greedy and don’t trust the managers!” If your team holds negative beliefs, they will not be as creative and productive.

Positive Change Leadership

28 September 2020

True change leadership often means transformational leadership in our VUCA-world. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) What does Positive Change Leadership entail? Are you ready?

Engage in Change

15 September 2020

Engage - travel guide for change adventurers, is a great book for anyone looking at organizational change. How to engage the majority to make change work? What are necessary change skills? How to avoid The Dip...?

When Harari looks at the future, we see challenges when the powers of biotechnology and computer algorithms are combined. What happens if there will be fewer jobs? What happens if our data is everywhere.

Here's more reflection based on Harari’s work about the future: how can we reconcile economy and ecology? Your employees and clients watch the news, too. What’s your answer? What’s your purpose?

Here's more reflection based on Harari’s work about the future: Culture enables collaboration with many strangers who believe in the same story. What's the basic story underlining your culture? 

Based on Yuval Noah Harari’s work with future reflections: let's take a look at what humans want. We want to be creators like the Gods, happy, and healthy.

Positive leaders cherish a positive outlook on the problems in life and work. Moreover, they pick their problems! Here's the positive impact of negative things - and the negativity of fake, dogmatic positivity.