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A positive purpose inspires organizational culture and directs all decisions and actions. It formulates what the organization contributes to the world - which ESG issues you address and what needs you fulfill.

We need organizations with a positive purpose that solve global ecological, and social challenges. Check how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can inspire your decisions, actions, and interactions.

Can you change this story and culture? Our global culture and our societal and organizational cultures can help or hinder us to transition to a healthy future.

Check your culture ABCDE

21 February 2023

Check your culture ABCDE

Organizational culture is crucial for the future: We face so many ecological, social and governance issues. It feels overwhelming yet it’s crucial that we take time to upgrade ourselves and our organizations.

Discouraged about global crises? The Active Hope process helps people and organizations unleash their strengths.

Positive organizations for a brighter future: We can create a flourishing future - we have a choice!

Do you avoid sensitive [bleep] topics at work? Too bad! If you address them (including #DEI and #ESG issues) you build relationships and come up with actionable ideas together.

Leadership Development, Culture, Change Carnival: get insights and inspiration from bloggers around the world. Read the posts that speak to you most and apply their tips. Nothing improves if we don't take action.

What’s your expected positive impact? If you want to improve organizational culture or your organization’s ESG impact, five questions help to determine what to do and what not to do.