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Is a positive organizational culture “woke”? Aren’t wokeness and #ESG inherently good? It depends. Wokeness should not lead to fake correctness or a cancel culture.

ESG isn’t a legal reporting obligation, but an opportunity.

A positive economy is compassionate: Katherine Trebeck and Andrew Simms talk about the transformation of the economy. With compassion, we can redesign the economy to serve humanity instead of the other way around.

You can create positive change at work: Even if you're not leading the organization, you’re still a leader while keeping the organization humming in a positive, productive, and healthy manner.

Net Positive organizations give more than they take: Is the world better off because your business is in it?

Positive leaders can engage the transformative potential of climate change for their people and organizations. A positive organizational culture contributes to solutions.

Love is the next leadership skill, says Robin Anselmi. Love makes us smarter together. In a business context, love means an authentic connection, compassion, and forgiveness.

Can for-profit companies stop global warming and improve social issues? The answer is yes, shows Chris Laszlo. The future flourishing organizations with a positive culture depend on doing good as their core business.

The pandemic caused an unprecedented change and the IPCC reported accelerated climate change. Organizational culture directs how organizations respond. A positive culture helps to navigate the necessary transition.

High-performance culture: the power of purpose. A high-performance culture is collaborative and entails a high-purpose environment: flooded with small signals that link the present effort to a meaningful purpose.