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In this time of challenges we need dialogue and solutions but we see polarization. Also at work, you must take a stand.

Prep for 2030: How future-fit is your organization? Can your organizational culture handle learning and change? Let's learn from The Future Formula by Jo Caudron.

Do future-oriented organizations do better than organizations that are only concerned with the present? Yes, according to research. Foresight maturity has five dimensions, one of which is organizational culture.

Preparing means learning and adapting, training resilience and skills. You can use positive psychology practices to achieve positive outcomes that I’ve written about.

How do we train our organization’s resilience and adaptability for the future? Laloux’s program The Week engages your teams around a positive purpose.

How to combine sustainability with a positive organizational culture? Let’s learn from Ynzo van Zanten, who worked at Tony's Chocolonely and Innocent Drinks.

Mazzucato and Collington’s book The Big Con warns us of the expert approach. It makes money but has little results. But what if you can make yourself superfluous as a consultant or leader?

Does your organization contribute to a healthy future? Do you prepare your organization for change? If so, explore the options that Jason Hickel offers for the future.

Is climate change a taboo in your culture?

Leaders as positive warriors for the future. Here’s a case about a positive executive team and their CEO, that offers hope. This company wants to become future-proof.