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Let’s create organizations as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them. Hamel and Zanini’s book Humanocracy shows the power of ownership and internal markets to revitalize the culture.

If you want to have impact, relationships are decisive. Yet, they are harder to build and sustain online. Peter Block and team share some great questions to develop trust and engagement.

Margaret Wheatley calls us to be leaders for this time as things fall apart, to reclaim leadership that creates possibility and humaneness.

More Diversity, Equity and Inclusion boosts people and results. But how? Mitch Warner of the Arbinger Institute shows that mindset matters most. Change the mindset - change the behaviors - change the outcomes.

Distrust is the greatest expense of every leader and organization. How's your trust factor? People want to work in an organization with leaders they trust. Check out David Horsager's 8 pillars of trust. 

Inclusive workplaces (positive cultures) have higher engagement, performance, and results. But bringing your full self to work is not easy for many.

How to develop a positive culture? Be a servant leader. Here's the 4-step approach by Margie and Ken Blanchard. Develop your heart, head, hands, and habits.

The covid-pandemic has opened people up. This time is an opportunity to spread positivity - says Mary Meston, VP of Talent Management in this interview. The Positive Culture Academy has inspired her.

Most people are friendly and prefer kind leaders. But why do kind people change once they are in position of power? And why do we let them get away with it? It's #culture!