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Best Culture articles

Best Culture articles of 2017

  • 04 January 2018
  • Posted by Marcella Bremer

Let's look ahead and develop more positive organizational cultures in 2018. But let's also briefly look back, reflect and learn. Here are seven of the best-received posts or overview posts on #culture, published on this blog in 2017.

Organizational Culture Gurus

Organizational Culture Gurus contribute to creating positive organizational cultures. Here are four grand gurus and many practical approach gurus. Who is a culture hero for you?

What goes wrong in your organizational culture? 

The four archetypes of culture from the Competing Values Framework can turn into an over-the-top-contra-productive, unhealthy version - a “shadow side”. Do you recognize any of these shadow sides? I'm looking forward to hearing your examples.

Culture Models Overview

An overview of the best-known organizational culture models that I discussed this year.

Are you strategic or reactive about your culture?

Often, leaders only work with culture if there's an issue. Business coach Sarah Skidmore advises using culture strategically instead. Before there's a crisis, simply check: what could your organization do better? How could you grow and develop? The OCAI is a check-up for this purpose. 

Me Too

The #MeToo movement shows how organizational culture can be influenced and changed. It takes a courageous start, an authentic interaction intervention, and the powerful copy-mechanism to spread in a social system. Could you do this, too? We can change the workplace and the world, one interaction at a time. 

Ask me Anything: Culture dilutes as companies grow

Is it true that organizational culture dilutes when a company grows fast? How can you communicate the core values to the new hires so that they'll be successful? There are 3 phases. Here's part 1. What do you think? 

Ask me Anything: Culture grows through interactions

How can you keep your culture strong and successful when the company is growing? Here's part 2 with some advice to show, support, and spread the core of the culture. 

I hope these articles serve you. I wish you a wonderful New Year ahead! Let's develop more positive cultures in our workplaces!

Talking about positive: Check out the online Positive Culture Academy. Let’s be Positive Agents who do revolution by evolution: one interaction at a time, one person at a time. Subscribe to the Academy's mailing list so I can keep you posted!

© Marcella Bremer 2018, All rights reserved.

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