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Behavior drives Change

29 October 2019

How do you manage the constant change projects going on? Most people tend to focus on tools and templates. How about driving change through behavior? Check out this approach.

Summer Reading

06 August 2019

Recharging and reading over the summer

Culture is everywhere where people get together. You don't need to be a co-worker: sometimes you even have a better vantage point as a visitor or a client.

Organizational culture is one of my favorite topics. That's why I work with and write about it.

Paper or Palpable Change

25 January 2018

Many organizations are struggling to adjust to our current "VUCA" world. VUCA is abbreviated for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Companies who consider the OCAI to change their culture often ask me for success rates.

This is a dangerous question, probably. Every answer is a generalization of national culture, and we're often sensitive because it touches on identity. But the question is relevant.

How has your year been? It's time to evaluate, and develop new intentions. My intention is to inspire toward positive organizations where people and performance thrive.

Are you engaged at work? Are you content, and productive? Are you thriving?

Organizational Culture Case: this machine company is changing from tight control to more autonomy and agility.