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Organizational culture

Is a positive organizational culture “woke”? Aren’t wokeness and #ESG inherently good? It depends. Wokeness should not lead to fake correctness or a cancel culture.

Organizational culture brings risks and opportunities and a validated culture assessment offers important insights, both for investors and leaders. Is the organization future-fit in this VUCA-world?

ESG isn’t a legal reporting obligation, but an opportunity.

You can create positive change at work: Even if you're not leading the organization, you’re still a leader while keeping the organization humming in a positive, productive, and healthy manner.

Net Positive organizations give more than they take: Is the world better off because your business is in it?

Does your organization care for the climate? Listen to Jane Goodall and others on the Realizing a Compassionate Planet conference.

Positive leaders can engage the transformative potential of climate change for their people and organizations. A positive organizational culture contributes to solutions.

Love is the next leadership skill, says Robin Anselmi. Love makes us smarter together. In a business context, love means an authentic connection, compassion, and forgiveness.

Positive Change with appreciative questions. Ronald Fry, appreciative inquiry developer, says that everything happens through conversation.

Can for-profit companies stop global warming and improve social issues? The answer is yes, shows Chris Laszlo. The future flourishing organizations with a positive culture depend on doing good as their core business.