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Competing Values Framework

Whether you are looking for a job, contemplating a move in your career, or staying where you are: what is your ideal organization culture? When would you be at your best?

Seventeen consultants and leaders from four continents spent three days together in a countryside venue on a riverbank. The May 2018 Culture Change Leadership Workshop was intense.

What is more rewarding for you? Doing things the right way, or doing the right things? Of course, both can be rewarding. It's great when my bookkeeper confirms I submitted my tax forms correctly.

Culture is everywhere where people get together. You don't need to be a co-worker: sometimes you even have a better vantage point as a visitor or a client.

The OCAI culture survey asks people to rate both their current culture and what they desire for the future. What do you think? What would your ideal organizational culture look like?

Paper or Palpable Change

25 January 2018

Many organizations are struggling to adjust to our current "VUCA" world. VUCA is abbreviated for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Are benchmarks useful? How can my organization learn from the culture profile of our economic sector? I received this question in response to the “Ask Me Anything on Culture” and I’m happy to answer it here.

Companies who consider the OCAI to change their culture often ask me for success rates.

Culture Models Overview

10 August 2017

Welcome to this overview of the best-known organizational culture models that we have discussed.It is crucial to understand where you are right now before you develop or change anything.

Culture models: In addition to Barrett Spiral Dynamics, and Human Synergistics, there are other developmental culture theories.