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Clients that use the OCAI to assess their current and preferred culture often do this to change or improve their culture.

Who you are, has become more important since our economies deliver numerous services, and we are knowledge workers in varying projects while our societies ride the waves of global change.

A few recent experiences with large corporations made me think about power. I had to comply and adjust to one organization’s procedures - or they weren’t allowed to hire me.

Do you want a positive difference? If so: Download our collection to make a positive difference!

Positive Leadership, based on positive psychology, makes a tremendous difference in any workplace no matter how hierarchical its structure may be, or how plain the tasks at hand.

“Leaving the 20th century behind, I think we are ready and hungry to feel aliveness and connectedness - at work and at home”, said the German consultant Ulf Brandes during our interview.

Or: why Information & Energy need to flow freely

Do you know those few, famous examples of extraordinary workplaces where people thrive… versus the Dilbert-like top-down hierarchies where people suffer or

Can we create organizations free of the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace?

Are you awake?

30 January 2015

How are you? Busy? Relaxed? Energized? Tired? I notice a pattern in modern life. I’m going too fast and packing too much in my days. I’m hunting for stimuli – or at least I'm distracted by them.

Mindfulness is the practice of placing your attention where you'd like it to go and cultivating the ability to hold it there.