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Here’s a question that people often ask me: “Our company grew from 100 employees to over 600 in the last three years. How could we keep the core values consistent and in front of everyone?”

Is there a difference between the culture profiles of men and women at work? Do they thrive in different cultures?

Are benchmarks useful? How can my organization learn from the culture profile of our economic sector? I received this question in response to the “Ask Me Anything on Culture” and I’m happy to answer it here.

Companies who consider the OCAI to change their culture often ask me for success rates.

Guest post by Marc T. Frankel and Judith Schechtman

Culture Models Overview

10 August 2017

Welcome to this overview of the best-known organizational culture models that we have discussed.It is crucial to understand where you are right now before you develop or change anything.

In this new series, I'll discuss the best-known organizational culture theories and tools and compare them to the Competing Values Framework and its OCAI survey. Which model you like best depends on your situation.

The Competing Values Framework, developed by Cameron and Quinn, is a very insightful culture model. In essence, it is a descriptive model. It is not normative - prescribing wich culture type is best.

How has your year been? It's time to evaluate, and develop new intentions. My intention is to inspire toward positive organizations where people and performance thrive.