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I spent two weeks in South Africa where I was invited to provide my Culture Change Leadership Workshop to South African consultants and HR managers.

Why are you a leader, a change-maker or a professional in your field? It’s a question that becomes en vogue. Or, should I say, a certain type of answer becomes the standard.

Fear and courage are incredibly important in our lives: Joseph Campbell captured the archetypical “journey of the hero” as the central theme in human storytelling around the world.

“A case for optimism” is an inspiring video by Tiffany Shlain.

Are you moving boxes around? Several authors on leadership and change pose this important question in Leadership and Change magazine #2.

“The duty of a leader is to help create a virtuous, kind organization”

Beware of OD - are you?

07 August 2013

Mid-Summer in the Northern hemisphere. It seems a natural point to take a break - to relax and reflect on the first half of the year.