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In this Culture Model Series: Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy were among the first to identify four culture types, back in 1982 when they published their book Corporate Cultures.

Let's continue this Culture Model series: Fons Trompenaars is known for his model of national culture differences with seven dimensions, that he developed with Charles Hampden-Turner.

Denison Culture Model

20 April 2017

I discussed the Competing Values Framework at length because it is such a foundational framework and proves to be so useful.

In this new series, I'll discuss the best-known organizational culture theories and tools and compare them to the Competing Values Framework and its OCAI survey. Which model you like best depends on your situation.

Learning to “see” culture; group dynamics, beliefs, and behaviors is always helpful at work.

The Competing Values Framework, developed by Cameron and Quinn, is a very insightful culture model. In essence, it is a descriptive model. It is not normative - prescribing wich culture type is best.

Do you have gurus or heroes who inspire you? I am honored to be ranked #5 of thirty organizational culture gurus for 2017.

Does your organization have a strong, homogeneous culture? Is that desirable? Does everyone hold the same values, beliefs, priorities, norms, preferences? Does everyone eat the same lunch menu every day?

What is your biggest challenge with organizational culture? That’s an extra question we ask all free respondents who use the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument.

We were sitting in a room in a foreign country: 20 executives were waiting for the CEO to arrive. I was present to facilitate the first part of their workshop on culture after they did the OCAI culture survey.

How has your year been? It's time to evaluate, and develop new intentions. My intention is to inspire toward positive organizations where people and performance thrive.

Are you engaged at work? Are you content, and productive? Are you thriving?