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The Healing Organization

01 October 2019

Would you like to work in a healing organization that alleviates suffering and elevates joy?

Power in Organizations

17 September 2019

The Lens of Power distorts how others see us and how we see others with a different social rank. Power abuse happens when you over-use or under-use it. A positive leader is aware of power and its impact.

Power has a bad name, especially for those aspiring to be positive leaders. But being aware of your own and others' power helps to handle it well. What's your favorite super power?

Do you put the bar too high? Do you tend to be a perfectionist instead of a positive (self) leader? Help yourself and others focus on the progress you make.

Summer Reading

06 August 2019

Recharging and reading over the summer

Manage Positive Energy to enhance Performance: When you spend energy on relationships it increases. Energy is the source of action, and organizational performance! Do you use positive energy in the workplace?

Gratitude grows an Abundance Culture. Gratitude, contribution to others, and positive relationships create an Abundance Culture.

High Performance Culture in Flow: How do you get organizations in a state of flow? How do we benefit from the best of the human condition? By focusing on abundance. Benefit from this research.

Does your organizational culture entice the best professionals to stay? If that's not the case, check your leadership and your culture. They shouldn't be "too little nor too much".

Recruitment: Does your organizational culture attract job applicants? If that's not the case, should you hire for current culture or for the desired culture? Culture is crucial in recruitment.

What would you rather be: a heroic leader or a servant leader? Which do you need to develop a positive culture where people and performance thrive?

Some organizations are still operating on industrial-age paradigms. One of my clients was working with the IT department of a very large insurance company.