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There’s a new way of organizing and collaborating emerging around the globe – as Frederic Laloux shows in his book Reinventing Organizations.

There’s something broken in how we run organizations today. Polls about happiness at work show that 60-75% of people are disengaged.

What’s emerging from the field of leadership and change?

Do you Judge or Join?

16 September 2014

I recently spoke with a professional who struggles with pitching and how to sell herself. “I don’t feel at ease doing so” she said.

New organizations, leadership and collaboration are the three main topics of the upcoming Berlin Change Days conference.

How well do you collaborate? Are you a team player? People have a natural tendency to work together and collaborate.

We are living and working at high speed and amidst overwhelming volumes of information, stuff, deadlines, targets and possibilities as well as threats.

With Otto Scharmer, I like to distinguish these three levels of reality: the what, the how and the who.

I spent two weeks in South Africa where I was invited to provide my Culture Change Leadership Workshop to South African consultants and HR managers.

Why are you a leader, a change-maker or a professional in your field? It’s a question that becomes en vogue. Or, should I say, a certain type of answer becomes the standard.

Fear and courage are incredibly important in our lives: Joseph Campbell captured the archetypical “journey of the hero” as the central theme in human storytelling around the world.