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Appreciating the Culture

02 January 2019

Happy New Year! How was your past year? Many clients told me that this year was a wild ride and that so much happened at an incredibly fast pace. It's been a rollercoaster for many with highs and lows.

All of a sudden the year draws to a close. It went fast! What did you learn? What energized you? What would you like more of? How could you make your work more positive next year?

Guest Post by Kimberley Barker

Why and when does culture matter most? One of the answers to this question is: in case of mergers and acquisitions. Here's the case of one of my clients. Because they wish to remain anonymous we'll call them ET.

Picture a large municipality in the Netherlands with 7,000 staff.

Kanna Krishnan is a "positive agent" and holds a senior position in Human Resources. He is tasked with developing a progressive culture for BTC.

What is going well at work?

20 September 2018

People are wired to notice what goes wrong, what could be a threat, and what is missing. It’s what saved us during our evolution, in times of danger and scarcity.

So you think you can change? If your culture needs to change or to improve the place to start is where you are: in current culture. What is the way we do things around here?

How positive is your current culture, on a scale of 1 to 10? It’s a question that participants of the online Positive Culture Academy work with.

It's great to read an adventure story, a detective, or a novel once it's summer.