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You’re in a relationship with co-workers: others that are different than you. How do you and the others at work cope with differences? Culture is about relating to co-workers. How do you do that?

Ethical Culture at work

20 January 2020

How many people does it take to change the corporation's strategy? Check out these four ethical tests - and see how you can influence others for the better. Read more about an Ethical Culture at work.

The best on culture and leadership: If you like to spend some December downtime on reflection, reading, and recharging, read the seven best leadership articles of this past year. What will you do next year?

Positive Teams and People: Purpose. Why are you here? The question for purpose may fuel yourself and your team. What gives you energy? What makes you come alive? That's why you are here. And how about your team?

Check out part 2 about the Shut-Up-or-Speak-Up culture at work. How safe is your workplace? Safety is established by the right "CLAP". Part 2 looks at Attributes and Practices. 

Psychologically safe workplaces bring forth cohesiveness and sustained high levels of performance. What does it take? The acronym CLAP explains the key characteristics.

Behavior drives Change

29 October 2019

How do you manage the constant change projects going on? Most people tend to focus on tools and templates. How about driving change through behavior? Check out this approach.

Happiness for Calvinists

15 October 2019

Are you happy? Or are you too Calvinistic? Here's a quick look at the happiness research by Ruut Veenhoven. Is there a return on investment? Can we make organizations livable and positive?

The Healing Organization

01 October 2019

Would you like to work in a healing organization that alleviates suffering and elevates joy?

Power in Organizations

17 September 2019

The Lens of Power distorts how others see us and how we see others with a different social rank. Power abuse happens when you over-use or under-use it. A positive leader is aware of power and its impact.

Power has a bad name, especially for those aspiring to be positive leaders. But being aware of your own and others' power helps to handle it well. What's your favorite super power?

Do you put the bar too high? Do you tend to be a perfectionist instead of a positive (self) leader? Help yourself and others focus on the progress you make.