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Beware of OD - are you?

07 August 2013

Mid-Summer in the Northern hemisphere. It seems a natural point to take a break - to relax and reflect on the first half of the year.

Last week, we did the Culture, Change & Leadership workshop in Zwolle, the Netherlands. We shared 3 intense days in a group of 14 people from 8 countries. It was awesome and amazing.

Do Unto OthersLast Friday, I overcame my objections and sent a group email to my contacts.

If you’ve seen my book, you know my approach to successful change and leadership: I recommend to include and engage all employees and make change personal, pr

Why is it so hard to give feedback? Why do we hesitate to say what we think? Why do we stay silent when we’d be more effective if we spoke up?

Most organizations are still ruled by top-down control. This used to work well in the 20th Century. People had clearly defined jobs in a well-structured hierarchy.

It happened during a soccer match in the Netherlands last week.

IntegrityAre you authentic? Do you show your true self at work? Or in any group...?

Happy 2013 to all of you - and we’re back to work! You probably wished your coworkers a great new year and you exchanged new year’s resolutions over your first coffee and that’s it.

Change is the new normal and global and technological challenges are often seen as the big cause.

Fact: most employees occasionally use social media tools at work for personal reasons, anyway.