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In recent years, the most successful companies have focused less on perks and more on offering their employees something better: a connection to the company.

The Competing Values Framework (CVF) that is the basis of the OCAI tool, can be related to personality traits from the MBTI.

After doing the organizational culture assessment instrument (developed by Cameron & Quinn), people wonder how they personally fit into the current and preferred culture.

After doing the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (developed by Cameron & Quinn), people sometimes wonder how they personally fit into the current and preferred organizational culture types.

Ericsson is working on establishing a "High Performance Culture".

About six years ago I stumbled upon the Competing Values Framework and have been a big fan ever since.

Calling customer service, you immediately hear whether they really care or whether they feel indifferent. Intuitively we all know the importance of employee engagement. And research confirms it.

"The OCAI assessment made the need for market culture apparent. Team opinion shifted."

“The OCAI assessment improves understanding and incites reflection,” according to Ytje Jensma. She is an operational manager at the UMCG Rehabilitation Center.

‘Come to the cliff’, he said.
They said, ‘We are afraid.’
‘Come to the cliff’, he said.
They came.  He pushed them.
And they flew.

-Guillaume Appolinaire