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Here's more reflection based on Harari’s work about the future: Culture enables collaboration with many strangers who believe in the same story. What's the basic story underlining your culture? 

Based on Yuval Noah Harari’s work with future reflections: let's take a look at what humans want. We want to be creators like the Gods, happy, and healthy.

Positive leaders cherish a positive outlook on the problems in life and work. Moreover, they pick their problems! Here's the positive impact of negative things - and the negativity of fake, dogmatic positivity.

We have learned to obey, to excel, to compare, to know the answers, to love praise, to fear exclusion, to fit in, to judge, to look good, to aim for power, sensations, and money.

How can you develop Change and Leadership in corona time? How can you cut costs with empathy, keep the momentum and agility from the crisis response, and build trust? What can you do?

How can you develop the Culture in corona time? Look for the positive individuals and teams in your organization - and learn from them.

Like it or not, as a modern, independent individual, you might play a tribal role in your organizational system. What’s possible in different positions?

The Corona or Covid-19 pandemic causes disruptive change. Let's look at some practical tips to cope with the new reality of working at home, collaboration in virtual meetings, and staying positive.

The Corona or Covid-19 pandemic causes disruptive change. Reflection on personal development and opening up, on what is emerging, what we can let go of, what our team's purpose is, and how we contribute to the whole.

The DISC behavior styles help to understand yourself and others. Accommodate your style to better collaborate with others. What’s your preferred style at work? And does that match the culture? 

Do you have conversations that matter? How lonely do you feel? What's your work culture like? Connection is a superpower that benefits both you and your organization. It's time to make the time!

A great ingredient of a positive, successful culture is "diversity and inclusion". Diversity and inclusion lift the financial bottom line, but: It only works if you work it.